NASA 350T VAB Crane

Eureka! Engineering, LLC is an engineering consulting company based in Washington state.

Eureka! brings to its clients and customers an unusually broad range of experience with custom-designed material handling equipment and the manufacturing of similar electro-mechanical machinery. Eureka's Principals have expertise inside the manufacturing environment and the non-profit business development arena.  Particular specialties include:
Cost Estimating and Proposal Development
Specification Development and Offer Analysis
Manufacturing Methods and Management
Sourcing, both Domestic and International
Grant Application and Public Sector Funding
Industrial Workforce Development
Eureka! leverages this breadth of experience against a practical attitude, to result in creative solutions to the customer’s one-of-a-kind problems.


Why “Eureka!”? 
The Greek philosopher Archimedes, the greatest among ancient mathematicians and engineers, is said to have exclaimed, “Eureka!” (I have found it!) when finding a way of measuring the difference between solid gold and alloys.
Archimedes is also credited with explaining the physics behind the operation of the lever and the screw; the backbones of machinery engineering.

We honor Archimedes with our company name and our intent to help you find your solution.